Memoir Elegant Gold Memory Foam Pillow 16x24

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Memoir Elegant Gold Memory Foam Pillow 16x24

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Experience the ultimate softness and comfort with our spun cotton foam pillow. Made with the finest materials, this pillow delivers a plush and luxurious feel that will have you drifting off to dreamland in no time. The pillow covers are not only durable but also easily washable, ensuring that your pillow will always stay clean and fresh. Whereas, you will get this elegant gold pillow inside a PVC cover bag and when you carry a Memoir bag, heads will turn. The timeless and sophisticated design of our bags instantly captivates attention. 

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1.Made of spun cotton fabric

2. Ultra-soft and plush

3. Provides superior comfort while sleeping

4. Crafted for a perfect balance of comfort and style

5. Hypoallergenic and breathable

6. Provides support for a restful sleep

7. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom décor

8. It’s cover are easily washable

9. The size of a pillow is 16x24 inches